From our experience running over 500 professional hair salons, we know that salon aftercare is not tailored to the unique needs of every individual clients’ hair. In our salons, we take special care and attention for each person’s needs, and we believe that you should have that same level of personalized hair care at home. This inspired us to create ViV, a shampoo and conditioner custom made just for you. ViV strives to use only the best natural ingredients and ensure that our products are paraben, silicon- and cruelty-free.

Build your own custom shampoo & conditioner (both 250ml) in 5 simple steps.

Step 1. Tell us about your hair:

What is your hair length:

How thick is your hair:

What’s the texture:

How oily is it at the roots:

Is your hair thinning:

Step 2. What name would you like on the bottle:

Step 3. Choose up to 3 active infusions:

This infusion turns up the volume of your hair to the max. It makes it thicker and fuller for that Hollywood look.

This oil-infusion makes your hair softer, smoother, more silky and luminous.

No more frizz. This infusion makes your hair tangle-free. If you’ve got curls, definitely add this infusion! (this is our only product infused with tiny silicon droplets for easy detangling without adding weight)

This infusion hydrates and moisturizes your hair to nourish and restore it to its most perfect state. If you’ve got damaged hair, definitely add this infusion!

The ultimate daily detox for your hair. Carefully cleanses your hair like never before, removing all residue and leaving it fresh, renewed and calmed.

Protects your hair color like a fat kid protects his ice cream.

Step 4. Pick one of our amazing fragrances:

Step 5. Pick your favourite color:

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